Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Help

The Chef is in charge of everything related to the kitchen, including menu creation and staff management. The position requires extensive cooking experience and often involves actively cooking, plus management of the business aspects of the kitchen.
The chef is responsible for planning and directing food preparation, including menu planning, supervising sous-chefs, specialist chefs and cooks, purchasing products and equipment, recruiting, hiring and scheduling staff.

The Cook is responsible for organizing, preparing and cooking a wide variety of foods and recipes. Cooks may also specialize in preparing and cooking ethnic cuisine or specialty dishes. The cook will follow directions given by the chef, ensure that proper safe food handling techniques are followed and food is properly portion controlled. He/she can set up a station, carve meat and poultry and cooks and prepares food according to recipes.

The Prep Cook can make salads, sandwiches and heat up food under direction of the chef or cook. Prep fruits, vegetables and meat according to the instructions given by the chef or cook. The prep cook will ensure that proper sanitation and food safety techniques are followed.

Counter Help serves customers, ensures counter area and food containers are keep replenished and clean at all times. Makes sure proper sanitation and safe food handling techniques are followed. May handle cash. Keeps chairs and tables in dining area cleared and clean.

Dishwashers operate the dishwashing machine and keep the dishwashing area clean and organised. They can wash pots by hand. May if needed do very simple food prep such as washing and peeling vegetables, clean counters, sweep and mop kitchen floor, break down boxes and remove garbage