Banquet/Catering/ Special Event Staff

Dressed for the occasion, our service staff and bartenders are intuitive and committed to excellence.

They are:

• Honest
• Reliable
• Creative
• Friendly
• Attentive
• Professional

Team Captain
The team captain is the liaison between you, the client and our staff.
He, or she, monitors the performance of the service staff and makes sure that your standards are met and that any errors in service etiquette, appearance or conduct are corrected. He /she facilitates the set up and layout of the function space and is responsible for the timing and execution of service in conjunction with the client’s directions.

Serving Staff
The servers are responsible for the full set-up of function space as directed by the client or team captain. This includes tableware, seating arrangements and display décor. The servers conduct all table service in a timely, professional manner. They are also responsible for tear-down and clean-up of function space.

The bartender carries out full set-up of bar space, glassware, alcohol, condiments, ice, garnishes and display/décor. He/she inventories alcohol at the beginning and end of each function. At the end of the function, he/she is responsible for full closure and clean-up of bar area.